Workforce Management

Workforce management is a vital aspect of daily operations at any large estate. Our business driven approach automates these processes.

WMS provides a common set of performance-based tools to support the estate management. It is a complete approach designed to improve productivity, reduce labour costs and improve service.

Workforce management comprises of all activities required to support and maintain a productive workforce. It includes standard HR items like payroll and benefits, HR administration and employee self-service – but specifically it includes:

Our products

Time and attendance – tanda
Access control – Janus Keeper
Personnel management – Gateway247
Mobile access control – Gatekeeper

Workforce Management's systems enable you to:

  • Forecast workloads and staffing required
  • Integrate employees into the scheduling process
  • Manage of working times and accounts
  • Monitor and analyse the entire process.

Access Control

In ancient Roman mythology Janus was the god of beginnings and transitions, also of gates and doorways. For this reason Janus was always depicted as a double faced man so that he could keep his eyes on the comings and goings of people. These however are modern times and since we cannot employ mythology to guard our properties we created Janus Keeper, a comprehensive access control system to guard modern properties.

Janus Keeper is very easy to use and contains a vast range of features to improve the productivity of the security and facility management teams. It includes the following features:

  • Standard and biometric access control
  • Video management of the access control points and transactions
  • Identity management of all people going through any controlled points.
  • Driver's License Identification is used to support identity management at the gates
  • License plate recognition is included to further enhance the management of access
  • GSM based intercom systems can be integrated
  • Secure visitor management is achieved by integrating all the above features in a single system
  • Biometric activity monitoring keeps control on the productivity and wakefulness of the workforce

Gateway247 - secure intelligence portal

Gateway247 is a user-friendly software solution designed to meet the security intelligence requirements of estates. It serves as a single secure intelligence portal for the entire organisation. It is a web-based application that does not require specialised or supporting software.

It allows for various management functions to be completed. You can view personnel assigned to sites. View their information, track their infractions etc. It further also acts as a ticket system for tracking various tasks. The system communicates via email and SMS to any registered entities.

Gateway247 allows you to be in touch with your people, via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Gatekeeper - Visitor management

A serious concern for many office parks are that due to the traffic flow at the gates, no or very little control can be placed on visitors. We know that most visitors will be there for a legitimate purpose but we also know that many will not be. They will gain entry to be able to look for criminal opportunities. How can you have more control of this process?

Backward & forward compatibility

We have developed a software application that will allow quick and seamless access to visitors whilst obtaining some information about the visitor, the information is shared with the tenant on site. The information can be acted upon by the tenant.

The security officer is then able to find the visitor on the premises and address the issue. We never assume that the visitor is a criminal and we therefore always treat the visitor in a courteous and respectful manner.